Month: September 2019

ethmostigmus rubripes

Centipede CAre Guide

Housing Despite being found in a very wide variety of habitats, even in the desert centipedes will seek out cool damp areas, such as crevices and burrows. In captivity it is imperative to do our best to simulate this environment. A small plastic, glass or acrylic enclosure of minimum 2x body length for each LxWxH. […]

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What invertebrates can I keep?

This post is a basic guide for what can and can’t be kept within the states of Australia. It is in no way to be taken as the law, make sure to do your own research before moving/keeping any invertebrates. Please comment to suggest an edit. VIC, NSW, ACT and SA VIC, NSW, ACT & […]

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bio active

How To Bio-Active

Supplies Drainage layer (stones, eggcrate, hydroton) False Bottom Barrier or flyscreen PVC pipe Substrate Decorations (Rocks, Branches) Plants and mosses Dried leaves Sphagnum moss Microfauna Method How To create a rock look background, Coming Thursday 20/9/12

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