Australobuthus xerolimniorum


Venom: Moderate

Max Size: 50mm


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Salt lake scorpion (Australobuthus xerolimniorum)


Distribution: Inland salt lakes of SA, resting in shoreline vegetation and leaflitter during the day

Housing: Minimum 2ft enclosure would suit a single or a small group.  Dry sand substrate with high ventilation up one end.  Plenty of leaf litter and sticks/logs the opposite end for them to get up off the ground.  Small water dish, full of stones on the leaf litter end, refill this water as necessary.

Feeding: Appropriate sized feeder insects, small-medium crickets, woodies and BSF are ideal


3 years in the making, its been a long time since these scorpions were available.

Despite their reputation as one of Australias hardest to keep scorpions, the Salt lake scorpion thrives in captivity, owing to its surface hunting activity, which also makes it an entertaining species to keep.  Salt lake scorpions do well  in groups, but care must be taken to give each enough room to get away from eachother if a fight breaks out, this is particularly common at feeding time.


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