False bottom barrier


False Bottom Barrier

The drainage layer is a vital component for all of your bio-active terrarium, vivarium or paludarium builds, forming an area for excess water to go it helps increase humidity whilst creating a naturalistic gradient and stopping soil from going stagnant.

The false bottom barrier allows the drainage layer to perform its job by keeping the substrate and drainage layers separate.  This will keep the water cleaner and substrate drier for longer maintaining a healthier ecosystem within your enclosure.

Each barrier is 35x35cm

How to:

  • Fill the bottom of your enclosure to 5-7cm deep with drainage layer
  • Cover entire surface with false bottom barrier
  • Fill rest of enclosure with substrate, our forest floor mix is ideal for bioactive setups
  • Cover surface with sphagnum and leaf litter
  • Optionally plant out with appropriate species
  • Add Microfauna (Isopods and springtails)
  • Add your inhabitant/s
  • Spray down as required, ensure that the drainage layer doesn’t fill up with water



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