Figuladra sp. Mackay

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Figuladra sp. Mackay

Max size: 35mm

Distribution: Great dividing range Central QLD

Habitat: Terrestrial, Subtropical forest

Feeding: Fungi, vegetables, fruit and fish flakes


Caresheet: Snail caresheet


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1 review for Figuladra sp. Mackay

  1. Madelaine Smales (verified owner)

    I bought 3 of these snails (as well as some other species) These snails all had great healthy shells and beautiful colouring. One of these snails in particular is quite the eater- he has eaten his weight in mushrooms within the first 24hrs! Haha. My only worry since getting my order has been regarding one of these snails- one of these guys has been a little slow and reclusive, but they are getting better. The package my order came in was well packed and the snails were very well protected. I will definitely be placing future orders for more snails.

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