Forest Floor Mix


The Insectory’s Forest Floor Mix


The Insectory’s Forest Floor Mix is the ideal substrate for any of your bio-active terrarium, vivarium or paludarium builds.


Our forest floor mix can be planted directly into, without the need for additional soils or fertilizers.

Contains no harmful pesticides or fertilizers which are found in most commercially available potting soils.

Supports healthy micro-fauna populations

Promotes higher ambient humidity levels

Allows for great drainage, no longer will your pets have to deal with stale, stagnant coco-fibre based substrates

Full of compostable material providing plenty of feed for millipedes, beetle grubs and roaches

Packaged in 100% compostable pouches

Perfect for:

  • All Bio-Active setups
  • Humidity loving invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians





Please note: Substrate pricing includes a portion of shipping costs due to increased weight


300g, 1kg, 2kg


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