Giant panda snail

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Giant panda snail (Hedleyella falconeri) 

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Max size: 90mm

Distribution: Northeast NSW to Southeast QLD

Habitat: Terrestrial, Subtropical forest

Feeding: Fungi, vegetables, fruit and fish flakes


Caresheet: Giant panda snail caresheet

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S (10-35mm), M (36-60mm), L (61mm+)

1 review for Giant panda snail

  1. maddison.hardie (verified owner)

    Bought 2 Large Pandas and got the shock of my life opening them. I was expecting maybe a 65mm shell when reading 61+. Well, One of these snails is a super model. Perfectly shaped shell, really dark and rich, this one measures in at 72mm. The second one is much paler, shell is a bit more oblong with some chips in it, but this bub came in at the 90mm, possibly 91mm. I opened my packaging and suddenly had some not so little friends crawling out onto my hands. 100% recommend. Absolutely beautiful critters, not to mention utterly adorable.

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