Giant panda snail

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Giant panda snail (Hedleyella falconeri) 

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Max size: 90mm

Distribution: Northeast NSW to Southeast QLD

Habitat: Terrestrial, Subtropical forest

Feeding: Fungi, vegetables, fruit and fish flakes


Caresheet: Giant panda snail caresheet


S (10-35mm), M (36-60mm), L (61mm+)

2 reviews for Giant panda snail

  1. maddison.hardie (verified owner)

    Bought 2 Large Pandas and got the shock of my life opening them. I was expecting maybe a 65mm shell when reading 61+. Well, One of these snails is a super model. Perfectly shaped shell, really dark and rich, this one measures in at 72mm. The second one is much paler, shell is a bit more oblong with some chips in it, but this bub came in at the 90mm, possibly 91mm. I opened my packaging and suddenly had some not so little friends crawling out onto my hands. 100% recommend. Absolutely beautiful critters, not to mention utterly adorable.

  2. Madelaine Smales (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these snails (as well as some other smaller species) and these guys are absolutely stunning!!! Both have BIG (70mm+), beautiful, healthy shells. One has been so inquisitive, the moment I opened their container this snail was out of their shell, and when moving them to their tank they were crawling and exploring my hands, SO FRIENDLY!!! The package my order came in was well packed and the snails were very well protected. I will definitely be placing future orders for more snails.

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