Indian almond leaves 10 pack


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These Indian almond leaves provide great floor cover for terrarium micro-fauna and invertebrates aswell as adding to the soil nutrients as they breakdown.

These pods will also release alot of tannins into your soil or aquarium whilst providing a great surface for biofilm to grow for captives to graze upon.

It is believed that these leaves may help in breeding some more difficult invertebrate species such as giant millipedes and panda snails, although there is limited evidence at this point.

Preparation: For terrarium use place directly into tank no preparation needed.

For aquarium use soak in fresh water for a few days prior to adding to tank.

Organically sourced and pesticide free

Please use caution when adding to your terrarium/aquarium use common sense and add slowly.

Not for human consumption

Packed in 100% compostable pouches



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