Phlogius drop June 20th


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All sizes are approximates

All are considered females unless otherwise stated, sexing is not 100% accurate

You will receive the spider in the picture

Can be shipped to all states excluding TAS, permit costs are included in the postage for quarantine states

Spider number

1 5cm proserpine, 2 3.5cm Proserpine, 3 6.5cm proserpine, 4 4.5cm proserpine, 5 5cm proserpine, 6 4.5cm proserpine, 7 3.5cm proserpine, 8 4.5cm proserpine, 9 6.5cm proserpine, 10 5cm proserpine, 11 4cm proserpine, 12 4cm proserpine, 13 3.5cm proserpine, 14 9cm rocky, 15 5cm hirosutus, 16 Rocky 7cm, 17 4cm proserpine, 18 3.5cm proserpine, 19 8cm proserpine, 20 4.5cm hirosutus, 21 5cm proserpine, 22 male proserpine, 23 3cm proserpine, 24 4cm proserpine, 25 5cm Rocky, 26 5cm Rocky, 27 4.5cm hirosutus, 28 7.5cm Rocky, 29 5cm Rocky, 30 5cm Hirosutus, 31 4.5cm Proserpine, 32 4.5cm Rocky


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