Phlogius Hirsutus


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Phlogius Hirsutus spiderlings

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Max size: 200mm

Distribution: Central QLD, West of the Great Dividing Range

Habitat: Eucalyptus forests riverine habitats

Feeding: Appropriate sized feeder insects, medium crickets, woodies and BSF are ideal


This species coexists along with Selenotypus exevale and Selenotypus champagne robustus in close proximity to water sources in black soil.

Notable features include “belling” of leg 1 segment 2, differentiating from Phlogius Rockys in not exhibiting the belling of leg 2 segment 2, theyre also the most hirsute (hairy) of the Phlogius which is from where their hobby name was born.

As with all Phlogius they are opportunistic, builing their nests anywhere from beneath tin and wood, amongst plants or burrowed down up to 1m into the ground.

Caresheet: Tarantula care guide


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