Phlogius K2


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Phlogius K2 spiderlings

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Max size: 230mm

Distribution: Central Far North QLD

Habitat: Eucalyptus forests at altitude. (First working name for this species when originally entering the hobby was High altitude Phlogius)

Feeding: Appropriate sized feeder insects, medium crickets, woodies and BSF are ideal


This is believed to be the largest locality of Australian tarantulas found yet.  Rivalled only by the a handful of outliers amongst locales such as Crassipes (from the Mackay region eg. Kuttabuls, Hamptons, Etons etc.), some of the Northern Phlogius (Goliaths, Strennus etc.) and Semi-arid Phlogius (Rockies & Hirsutus).  Rockies likely surpassing K2s by mass due to being much heavier set.

Caresheet: Tarantula care guide


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