Phlogius Rocky

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Phlogius Rocky spiderlings

They’re back, I managed to get my hands on 40 more Rocky spiderlings.  This will be it until end up 2020 start of 2021


Max size: 200mm

Distribution: Central QLD, West of the Great Dividing Range

Habitat: Semi-Arid Eucalyptus forests, most impressive specimens usually from hard red soil.

Feeding: Appropriate sized feeder insects, medium crickets, woodies and BSF are ideal


The true king of Australian tarantulas, forget goliaths.  The sheer mass, defensiveness and beautiful black postmoult leaves this locality unrivalled amongst Phlogius.

Mature females of this locale absolutely dwarf leggy northern locales like goliaths and strennus (strennus are solid for a Northern) by mass.  Presumably due to the harsh environment they’re found they have evolved thick segmented legs covered in long setae resembling hirsutus superficially (notable difference is the “belling” of segment 2 of leg 2 which is not present in hirsutus.)

This species has also been recorded co-existing with Selenotypus wallace in black soil.

Caresheet: Tarantula care guide

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  1. marakusta07 (verified owner)

    My 2 rockies arrived super fast. Looks healthy and agile. So noice! 👌

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