Velvet worms



Venomous: No

Suitability: Expert keepers

Environment: Cold 5-15°C

Adult size: 45mm

WA approved: No

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Velvet worms (Euperipatoides sp.)


Velvet worms are an ancient family of arthropods predating the dinosaurs.  They are present in all countries of the former Gondwana with Australia containing the most species.

They can be quite fragile and are best kept in groups in a bioactive enclosure with live mosses and decaying timber.

If in warmer states or during hotter months you may be required to keep them in a wine cooler or use a similar method to keep the enclosure cold.

They will prey on microfauna found in the bioactive enclosure, feeding with pinhead crickets or similar small prey‏ in addition is also required.


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